Qmin is born in the Middle East and gained a huge visibility in Doha where it was introduced to the market as one of the first online magazine covering Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle in Qatar.

Qmin is inspired by the word “Acumen” which is this ability to make good judgments and take quick decisions for the benefit of our cosmopolitan readers!

A digital magazine who is a curated edit of the best in global Fashion, Beauty, Culture, Tech and Lifestyle. More than an E-zine we want it to be a sensorial experience – we want you to not only read but also watch and hear. That’s why all our social media videos will be available on our website and all our articles supported by pictures, videos or audios.

We give Qminers a quick and pictured vision of what is happening worldwide with a focus in the Middle-East and London. London is maintaining its leading position in all the fields we cover. However, we tend to underestimate the role played by the Middle-East. With Dubai becoming a fully-fledged fashion capital we don’t only import but also export trends from all across the region.

Our aim at Qmin is to provide you with honest analysis and reviews that will not only help you to decide in a fast path world where information, options and products are so abundant that we tend to loose the substance. We want to give a voice to those emerging and booming with brilliant ideas. We want you to have no boundaries in the way you learn and discover more than that we aim to change the way you do it …

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