The inaugural SIGNATURE store opens in the prestigious Porto Arabia Towers – The Pearl.

Qatar has been recognized for some time as the up and coming fashion destination in the Arab world, arousing interest with its exclusive boutique stores and Abaya houses and having more than its share of fashionistas in the region. It is no surprise then that the next best bit in Arab fashion should emerge from this style-centric country.

Located at the Porto Arabia Towers at the Pearl Qatar, premium Abaya brand Almotahajiba SIGNATURE, a brainchild of leading Qatar-based fashion retailer Al Siddiqi Holding, has just opened its doors to entice the contemporary Arab woman with a breathtaking collection of handmade Abayas, Jalabiyas, Sheilas, leather goods and accessories.


To the discerning eye, the place has all the affluence that would lure a true-bred Arab princess in, complete with gold panels and a bright, custom-made chandelier adorning the entrance, meant to throw light on the bales of well-maintained soft silks that compliments the store’ unique, modern, geometric pattern.

Echoing the warm hue of the store, Aly Delawar, CEO of Al Siddiqi Holding, says “The brand, SIGNATURE was created to fulfill a desire in the market for luxury Abayas of the highest quality and craftsmanship. It embodies what is most noble and accomplished in the artisan world, blending tradition, sophistication and bespoke luxury to deliver an unmatched level of elegance and personalization in Arab women’s wear.”

The avant-garde sense of authentic Arabic fashion is quite evident in the luxury gowns made from crepe textiles and a potpourri of colours ranging from navy, pistachio, salmon, mint, lemon, beige and royal grey— each meant to dazzle that special occasion. Each piece is beaded with the finest of quality stones in different colors and showcases different styles from daily wear to fine evening wear.


“SIGNATURE shares the same culture of excellence and creative spirit as the group’s existing home-grown fashion brands, while placing even greater emphasis on the elements of quality and authenticity,” says Delawar.

For those in appreciation of intricate art in Haute Couture with an Oriental touch and feel, SIGNATURE promises to impress with its beautiful selection of traditional wear fashioned to suit the tastes of the modern Arab woman.

Almotahajiba Signature abaya house is located at Porto Arabia, Parcel 2, La Croisette 02, The Pearl, Doha, Qatar.


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