The Borgo Condé Resort is in Emilia Romagna, on the beautiful hills of Forlì. Its guests will experience a unique contact with nature, thanks to the presence of the company Condé.

A stay at Borgo Condé is extremely pleasant, thanks to the excellent traditional food, and the hospitality of the staff.
At Borgo Condé nothing is left to chance: every little thing respects the canons of elegance and attention to detail that have always been the pride of the estate.
It offers the chance to sleep in the suites of the classic village or in one of the historic villas that look down over the hills.

The Borgo Condé food is varied, thanks to the 3 restaurants, and respects the typical tradition of the Emilia Romagna Region, tasty and flavorful.
Walking among the vineyards, guests will find the Spa, an oasis of pleasure and comfort that will complete the experience of Borgo Condé with moments of pure relax.

The hotel two large and comfortable conference rooms that suites important events such as weddings, conferences and business meetings, the hotel offers two large and comfortable conference rooms.

The Condé experience means taking care of yourself in a discreet and refined luxury, thanks to the professionalism of the staff who works to meet the most demanding customer needs.

If you searching for a luxury hotel in Emilia Romagna, Borgo Condé Resort is the perfect choice, thanks to the spacious, comfortable and above all absolutely precious lodging.
The suites are all works of local artists and craftsmen, who worked meticulously to make unique, welcoming and exclusive, with specially designed furniture and custom-designed.

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