Elixir Ultime from Kérastase, a reimagined masterpiece, now with sacred Marula oil and precious Camellia oil…

A masterpiece has been re-imagined! Introducing Kérastase’s Elixir Ultime, an iconic, precious new hair range that celebrates nature’s sacred powers: rich, exquisite gifts of nature in a fusion of sacred Marula and valuable Camellia oils for the ultimate sensorial experience and superlative shine.

Since it was first created, Elixir Ultime L’Huile Originale has been a shining star in hair care. As a number one selling product, and the winner of over 100 press awards, it has an elevated status in hair care. Then, why improve on it? Because Kérastase is always the innovator, constantly creating new standards in hair science for the best hair experience.

Newly formulated Elixir Ultime is for the woman who wants magnificence.
Each golden drop in this range intensely nourishes and shields the hair fiber, taking it to the next level with long-lasting radiance and supreme shine. Added to this is an anti-frizz complex for incredibly soft, smooth and manageable hair with an irresistibly light touch. For the woman who chooses Elixir Ultime, shine is the ultimate goal. Now she can have it, and more… with Kérastase’s formula, which is dedicated to achieving a high-gloss shine without any greasiness.

The science behind it is Kérastase’s decoding of the secret to optimal shine. Understanding that the more well nourished your hair fiber, the greater its ability to reflect light, the entire Elixir Ultime range captures the nourishing attributes of Marula and Camellia oils to add luminosity to hair.

Marula is considered ‘sacred’; a natural super oil venerated for its weightless nutrition and antioxidant powers. Born from the prolific female Marula tree, long worshipped by African tribes as a symbol of sensuality and femininity, the sacred, pure and luminous oil is extracted from the nutrient-rich fruit kernels using a timeless hand-pressing method. Marula oil offers weightless nutrition and high antioxidant protection.  Added to this is precious Camellia oil, to provide suppleness and intense, long-lasting shine. The Camellia flower is noted for its soft, enticing scent, while from its seeds comes the hidden richness of its essence. Camellia oil adds increased elasticity to the hair fiber, along with lasting, natural shine. Each drop contains Oleic acid and Linoleic acid, two nutrients proven to have a natural affinity with the hair fiber for an intense, supple radiance.

With the offering of lustrous shine and an alluring, triple-layered fragrance (Marula, Camellia and Rose), Kérastase Elixir Ultime products present a complete, elevated and very indulgent sensorial experience. With every use, there is a new olfactory reward, endowing each woman with her own, unique perfumed signature.  The experience imparts sensual lightness, and radiance along with a delicately mesmerizing fragrance to fall in love with. The newly enhanced ritual of luxury that is Elixir Ultime must be experienced. Cleanse, treat and texturize your hair in a golden light, with a range for all hair care and styling needs…