FICO Eataly World, developed by the Italian Farming Factory (or FICO) in collaboration with Eataly, the Italian food destination co-owned by Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich, the park showcases every aspect of Italian food, from production to consumption, over twenty acres of land. It focuses on all aspects of Italian food, including the many growing, harvesting and processing crafts, and with much of the park dedicated to farms and factories, alongside a host of other exciting features, visitors have ample opportunity to become completely immersed in the Italian food experience, tracking its production from field to fork.

Over 2,000 companies are represented in the park (set to employ around 3,000 staff) including a large farm for demonstrations and educational breeding programmes, as well as 40 individual restaurants and cafes serving delicious Italian food. Visitors will also be able to take part in a wide range of culinary workshops plus browse through more than 100 traditional craft stores and organic markets along with a huge convention centre hosting various food-themed events. Families will also enjoy six immersive and interactive experiences themed around fire, earth, sea, animals, wine and the future , whilst stables and open-air fields will house over 200 animals, which will help to tell the story of how some of the country’s most traditional foodstuffs are processed and created.

Visitors can make use of the 500 adult-sized tricycles with shopping baskets, which have been designed especially by renowned Italian bike designers, Bianchi, offering a sustainable way to explore the park. The grounds is also powered by more than 44,000 solar panels, making it “Europe’s largest solar energy system”.

Emilia Romagna has always been renowned for its foodie credentials so it is perhaps little surprise that the region has been chosen as the location for the world’s first food theme park. Boasting 44 DOP and DOC products, the region offers a veritable gastronomic journey through cheese, meat, pasta and much more. After visiting Eataly World, visitors can embark on a trip through the picturesque countryside and art cities of the region along the ancient Roman Road of the Via Emilia, to sample every culinary delight, from the bubbly Lambrusco in Modena to the nutty Parmigiano Reggiano cheese in Reggio Emilia.

Entry to the park is free and for further information about Eataly World, visit and view this YouTube video here:


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