Under 500 is a home-style café concept by Fadi Ghaly and Mahmoud Bartawi that offers a wide selection of delicious, wholesome and healthy meal and dessert options under 500 calories. They have a selection of gourmet meals which include Chicken Lettuce Tacos, Grilled Salmon and Avocado, Lean Steak and Kale, that are all made fresh daily and designed to incorporate nutrient dense ingredients.

The menu at Under 500 serves people that want to start eating healthy regular meals but don’t want to compromise on taste. It has been designed and created along with world renowned Italian chef, Giovanni De Ambrosis, who has launched a number of fine dining concepts in Dubai and Monica Neri, who is not only a nutritionist but also holds a degree in food science and technology. The restaurant use only the healthiest ingredients by the gram and nutritional values of each ingredient are then added to calculate the final nutritional value of every meal. If the total comes above 500 calories, they evaluate the high calorie ingredients and replace them with lower calorie substitutes whilst maintaining superior taste. For more information visit under500.com.