The Maje girl has never before given such free rein to her competing desires. Whether dressing for daytime or night-time, for work or working out; whether tailored items or evening wear, or clothes that show her feminine or masculine side… she displays the same sense of cheeky vivacity and irreverent freedom.

She dresses first of all for herself, to feel good about herself and to look like herself (and no one else); she is a girl in touch with her times, connected, modern, fully involved in the present moment even as she dreams of tomorrow.

Her audacity and offbeat sensibility guide her fashion choices; she likes putting an original spin on the utilitarian stalwarts of her wardrobe. Maje treatment, redefine the contours of a confident femininity. Corduroy becomes almost sexy, and the blazer with its 70s-inspired collar is worn over microshorts, showing some leg. Natural materials are combined with faux fur. Knitwear is omnipresent, a knit that is often loose, with long sensually dripping sleeves, sketching a soft armour; twists and jacquard patterns, recalling ski pullovers; graphic stripes, a knowing tribute to motorcycle sweaters, and mottled wool…knitwear is worn day and night, totally adaptable, protective and soft at the same time. The faux fur comes in the tender form of the maxi cognac coat, the raspberry bubble jacket, and the cream, long-haired jacket with its detachable glacier blue collar; the cocooning effect is guaranteed, and it can be worn by women of all figures.

Maje is 20 years old, the age where everything is possible, the age when we smile at life and where life smiles back at us, the age at which we free ourselves from adolescence, without yet wanting to be an adult. It is this rebellious spirit that finds its way into this collection, a desire to break the codes in order to invent and reinvent oneself while remaining oneself, with style.