It’s no secret that every time we hear about a new beauty product that gives a glow or diminishes fine lines, we all rush to the nearest pharmacy to pick it up and test it out for ourselves.

Here at QMIN, we’re trying to do something different by keeping tabs on skin care routines shared by our favorite celebrities- which do not just involve the latest designer products, but can actually be found in every person’s home! Here are some of the best recommendations from the stars!

Insurgent’s Shailene Woodley is no stranger to sharing her outspoken love for natural beauty remedies. Her latest bit of advice involves roasting beets, draining them, and dabbing the extra juice on her lips for a natural pop of color. The result is bright lips that are just as potent, but without a stain.

ShaileneWant your skin to look as good as People Magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman, Lupita Nyong’o? You can now by simply investing in some avocado oil. The Kenyan stunner substitutes over-the-counter make-up remover for avocado oil which moisturizes her usually dry skin.

102113-celebs-meet-Lupita-Nyongo-portraitAnother home beauty remedy comes from How to Get Away with Murder’s Viola Davis who seems to be addicted to Crisco. The starlet applies the creamy kitchen staple to her feet to get rid of her dry skin.

viola_davis__130227020219And finally everyone’s favorite Gossip Girl, Blake Lively shares her beauty remedy, which was passed down to her from her mom. Mrs. Reynolds recommends applying mayonnaise or oil to the bottom half of her hair before showering. This will ensure that when showering, the soap wouldn’t dry out the bottom of your hair!