Texture arrived on the scene in 2007 fronted by Icelandic chef Aggi Sverrisson – whose mission was to bring  Icelandic & Scandinavian cooking to life in London. Critics everywhere proclaimed the restaurant an overnight hit and to no surprise, the swanky Scandi restaurant & champagne bar soon claimed a coveted Michelin Star. Expect supremely fresh, healthy ingredients and a focus on the finest Icelandic produce, such as lamb, cod and langoustine. 

Dining at Texture is like dining at home – if you live in a £5 million Georgian townhouse with flourishing floral displays and smokey rib eye on tap that is. What we mean is it’s comfortable and familiar, avoiding the usual ostentatious and overtly pretentious attitude of Michelin Star establishments. Instead, the high-ceilinged dining room succeeds in blending a calming Scandinavian vibe with a chatty crowd of diners. The space is neutral in colour, enlivened with mint green leather upholstery, modern art and traditional Icelandic wood decorations. A sleek, mahogany bar sets the scene with an exhaustive champagne selection for a pre-dinner tipple.

Seated at a corner table overlooking the kitchen, we don’t wait long before a bowl of natural, baked crisps are delivered to us – served with two different oils of varying strengths and black salt. Honestly, it’s worth visiting just for the crisps alone. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself. You too will wonder where on earth you can buy them packeted. Every dish on the menu clearly encompasses Sverrisson’s simple approach to cooking and there’s a distinct lack of excessive butter, cream and sugar.


New season lancaster beetroots are a tempting vegetarian option; served with gorgonzola, snow (real or fake, who knows?) and walnuts priced at a generous £16.50, but it’s the fish dishes that catch our eye. Norwegian king crab provides an Asian-inspired experience of chunky crab meat, smooth coconut soup with a hint of tangy lemongrass and dressed with a lime leaf. In stark contrast, delicately smoked salmon with pickled vegetables and horseradish cream balance on a slither of aromatic sorrel, creating an orchestrated blend of sweet flavours and textures. The à la carte prices may be steep, but you pay for quality and the quality here is insane.


Lightly salted Icelandic cod is a lovely take on an otherwise boring dish – matched with mellow avocado and piquant peppers and chorizo, which provide a necessary fiery heat. The highlight of the entire meal is Black Angus beef ribeye, dramatically served on a twig and moss-strewn wooden board, billowing with smoke. The beef comes with a separate plate of chargrilled ox cheek, girolles and a horseradish sauce. The smokiness of the beef is truly unbelievable, above and beyond expectations and pleasing tastebuds immensely. Understandably at the pricier end of the spectrum priced at £43.50.

The dessert menu stays true to it’s Icelandic roots. All desserts sit at £13.50, from a bowl of traditional skyr to sweet coconut cake. The rice pudding is sumptuously smooth, flavoured with clementine, cinnamon and chestnut – creating a warm, fuzzy, Christmas like flavour. Temptingly sweet coconut cake is accompanied by coconut ice cream, grilled pineapple and a lemon wedge. A bowl of sublime sweet treats arrive at the table as a finale, including chocolate truffles, meringue lollipops, madeleines and macaroons.

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Texture Restaurant

34 Portman Street



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