Whether you’re a designer junkie or food fanatic, there is no shortage of fantastic stores, boutiques, and unusual little shops to browse through in Emilia Romagna. The home to designer fashion brand Max Mara, La Perla and Furla, not to mention the birthplace of Georgio Armani, Emilia Romagna has numerous great value factory outlets, but still retains plenty of individualism and quirk.


As the largest city in the region, Bologna also holds the shopping crown with top end boutiques to rival nearby Milan as well as lots of independent shops. The four main shopping streets (Via dell’Indipendenza, Via Ugo Bassi, Via Rizzoli and Via D’Azeglio) all lead off the large Piazza Maggiore, and are the place to find all the big name Italian designer  s as well as high street stores. Meanwhile, the area east of the Piazza Maggiore is stuffed full with foodie shops, seemingly overflowing with homemade pastas, fresh fruit and vegetables, and local delicacies including balsamic vinegar, parmeggiano reggiano cheese and cured meats. As one of the world’s oldest university towns, it will come as no surprise that there are also plenty of bookshops lining the streets and arcades.


Another city devoted to food, visitors cannot leave Modena without purchasing a bottle of its most famous and exclusive product, balsamic ‘aceto’ vinegar. One of the oldest shops in the city is Eredi Pedrazzi, and stepping inside is like going back in time. The friendly staff will be only too happy to explain their various balsamics to visitors, and help them choose the right one for their budget. The covered market, Mercato Albinelli, is also not to be missed – not only does it look pretty, but it is also bursting with fantastic foods and flavours.

Reggio Emilia

The home of MaxMara, Reggio Emilia is the place to go to find a designer bargain. Head to the factory outlet, Diffusione Tessile, to pick up MaxMara, Max&Co, SportMax and more for substantially discounted prices. In the city centre, head for one of the numerous delicious bakeries to pick up erbazzone (a kind of pie filled with leafy greens) or chizze (fried parmesan pastries). It would also be entirely wrong to leave the city without a slice of parmeggiano reggiano under the arm!


Despite being much smaller than Bologna, the very attractive city of Parma still manages to hold its head high when it comes to designer boutiques. Fashion shops including ‘O’, Store 333 and Gustavia are leading the way, featuring emerging, as well as established designer brands. Parma also has some vintage designer stores, including Old America, which features iconic designers from all eras. Those who like arts and antiques, should also hunt out the Borgo Nazario Sauro, a narrow street filled with artists, antiques shops and galleries. Again, as with all of Emilia Romagna’s cities, there are also independent food shops galore – be sure to buy some parma ham from one of them.


This seaside city on the Adriatic coast is a superb place to find a shopping bargain. Its outer-city shopping centre Le Befane is one of the largest in the region, and has over 100 shops, all with great prices. There is a market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings stretching out from Piazza Cavour, which is the largest in Emilia Romagna and boasts everything from foods and crafts to clothes and jewellery. Those feeling peckish should also head to one of the traditional piadina ‘flatbread’ street stalls – delicious!

Forlì – Cesena

This region is famous for its ceramic pots and decorative objects, an art dating back to the late Middle Ages. Visitors should head for the old town centre of Cesena, where it is possible to buy objects that would have been typically produced in this period. Alternatively, there is a craft shop in nearby Montetiffi where craftsmen work terracotta by hand to create the special pan needed for creating the traditional piadina flatbreads typically found in the Rimini region.


Outlets include:


Arcte Fashion Brands – Il Negozio

BOLOGNA via Trilussa, 4/A Ph +39051-6198884

Calzedonia – Intimissimi

GRANAROLO DELL’EMILIA (BO) Via Bruno Buozzi, 31 Ph +39051-763394

Castel Guelfo The Style Outlets

CASTELGUELFO DI BOLOGNA (BO) Loc. Poggio Piccolo, Via del Commercio, 4/2 Ph +390542-670762

Fashion Outlet – Anzola dell’Emilia

ANZOLA DELL’EMILIA (BO) via Emilia Ponente, 73 Ph +390516508023

Gina Lebole – Bologna

BOLOGNA (BO) Via Ferrarese, 218/7 Ph +39051-325187

Freeport Outlet – San Giovanni in Persiceto

SAN GIOVANNI IN PERSICETO (BO) via Albani, 2 Ph +39051-824156



Bassetti – Boretto

BORETTO (RE) Via Goleto, 13/D Ph +390522-481021

Didue Outlet – Reggio Emilia

REGGIO EMILIA (RE) Viale dei Mille, 28 Ph +390522-431060

Diffusione Tessile – Boretto

BORETTO (RE) Via Goleto, 13 Ph +390522-964415

Griffes Diffusion Fashion Outlet – Reggio Emilia

REGGIO EMILIA (RE) Via F.lli Cervi, 312 Ph +390522-934114

GUASTALLA (RE) Via Marzabottto, 15/17/19 PH +390522-835136

Outlet Navigare – Rio Saliceto

RIO SALICETO (RE) Via S. Lodovico 6 Ph +390522/738925



Diffusione Tessile – Cattolica

CATTOLICA (RN) Loc. S. Giovanni in Marignano Via al Mare, 180 Ph +390541-827164

Gilmar Company Store – San Giovanni in Marignano

S.GIOVANNI IN MARIGNANO (RN) Via delle Rose, 15 Ph +390541-959186


Fidenza Outlet Village – Fidenza

FIDENZA (PR) Loc. Chiusa Ferranda Via San Michele in Campagna Ph +390524-33551

Unico Outlet Store – Pedrignano

LOC. PEDRIGNANO (PR) Via Traversante di Pedrignano, 26 Ph +390521-663224



Fifty Concept Store Modena Outlet – San Damaso

SAN DAMASO (MO) Via Vignolese, 1391 Ph +39059-469456

Griffes Diffusion Fashion Outlet – Sassuolo

SASSUOLO (MO) Via Regina Pacis, 92/100 PH +390536-808413


Outlet Denny Rose – Carpi

CARPI (MO) Via Nobel, 5 Ph +39059-645400


Fashion Outlet Rubicone – Savignano sul Rubicone

SAVIGNANO SUL RUBICONE (FC) piazza Trattati di Roma, 1 Ph +390541-348834

Paola Frani Outlet – San Mauro Pascoli

SAN MAURO PASCOLI (FC) Via Bellaria Nuova, 422 Zona industriale Ph +390541-938359

Paola Frani factory outlet with Paola Frani, PF Paola Frani, Paola Frani J e Scrupoli.

Baldinini Factory Outlet – San Mauro Pascoli

SAN MAURO PASCOLI (FC) via Rio Salto I° Ph +390541 933202

Sergio Rossi Outlet – Savignano sul Rubicone

SAVIGNANO SUL RUBICONE (FC) via Emilia Ovest, 86/90 Ph +390541 942580

Vicini Outlet – Savignano sul Rubicone

SAVIGNANO SUL RUBICONE (FC) via Oslo, 13 Ph +390541 938270

Pollini Outlet – Gatteo

GATTEO (FC) via Erbosa, 2/b Ph +390541 818106


Primefoglie Sport

BORGO MAGGIORE (RSM) Via XXVIII Luglio, 131 Ph +390549-992210

San Marino Factory Outlet

ROVERETA (RSM) Strada dei Censiti, 1 Ph +390549-904014

Guidi Calzature –

DOMAGNANO (RSM) via XXV Marzo, 50 Ph +390549-903962

Arca International

ROVERETA (RSM) Strada Dei Censiti, 1/B Ph +390549-905250

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