Sofiane Tiet, and an eclectic mix of dancing styles.


Although I do not possess an extensive amount of dancing vernacular to describe the elegance and delivery of the moves within the video, ‘Millimetre’. I can however, appreciate the effortless flow that Sofiane and his dance partner, Nathalie Fauquette, execute with their distinctive styles. The integration of the technological/mechanical theme with the dancing conveys their ‘modern meets classic’ vibes, as the two styles meet in a striking partnership. The music composed by Marc Debard, who composes for all of Sofiane’s projects, works well and accentuates the overall cinematic feel of the video.

For Sofiane who has interests in soundtracks, such as the music of Hans Zimmer for example, it shows the meticulous detail that has gone into these projects. For more work composed by Marc Debard he can be found on YouTube as well as Soundcloud under the name, Ayroh. Additionally, other sources of interest like architecture, geometry, and travel that Sofiane is inspired by, have emphasized his keen eye for detail.   The video isn’t overdone with black clothing ensuring all attention is on the choreography, and video being clean cut and aesthetically pleasing. It is clear that this dancing pair have a magnetic and balanced rhythm that is captivating to watch. Furthermore, it shows his dynamic as a dancer who has a foundation in a mixture of dancing styles such as jazz, classical, and contemporary, studied in the International Academy of Dance in Paris following his departure from his home in Belfort around 2003, has aided his dancing career.

With a creative flair and imagination, he has been noticed by many;

  • From 2009 -2011, he tours with Japanese company, S20, created by Hiroaki Umeda
  • During 2013, he is approached by the brand Puma to be their muse or egerie
  • In 2015 he joins Pixel’s art team
  • 2016, a hybrid duet is created in collaboration with Nathalie Fauquette
  • Presently, he performs for the French company, Kafig, and also creates performances for theaters around the world with the company 111, which Sofiane and his friend Yvner Guillaume created. They are currently working on a piece called ‘Cognition’ which will be ready for 2019 and definitely something to keep your eye on. 
Photos by: Yannick Douzouo

His ambitious nature has also helped facilitate his creation of a group of dancers whose main intentions are to help various artists or brands create something new, exciting and original. If you wish to check them out, they will be performing in the countries, listed below, and would definitely be something to look forward to seeing.

Shanghai,  September- A performance for the grand opening of the brand, Tiffany.

– Buenos Aires ( Argentina ), September- Performing with the company, Pixel.

Chili ( Santiago ), September- Pixel Company

Seoul ( South Korea ), October- Pixel Company

Liban, October

USA,  November- Pixel Company

Abu Dhabi, November- Performing for the F1.

Turkey ( Istanbul ), December- Pixel Company

To learn more about Pixel Company, which Sofiane is a part of, please visit their website for more details;