Without a doubt, Christmas is the time of year were the giving of gifts is at an all time high. Although, I could potentially remind those who take part in this season’s consumerism, to try and ensure they balance this with the inexpensive side of the ‘spirit’ of Christmas, who am I to deny the joy of a well thought out gift? (Besides, I think the Grinch film is a reminder enough to embrace the kind-hearted and altruistic nature of Cindy-Lou Who).

So, shall we begin?

First on the list of goodies, is snazzy tech. From smart watches to the companionship of robotic Alexa’s, keeping your busy schedule in check, have a look at our compiled list.

Onto the beauty goodies now, and with brands coming out with uniquely designed packaging and enhancing beauty products. This is sure to land not only just vivid colours onto your smackers, but also a dazzling smile!